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Collect the contact information of the unknown customer, increase engagement with reviews, and use AI-driven responses.

Play & Collect

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You have a register of every asset in your business - expect the one that is the most important: Your customer. Do you know who they are? Do you know what they think?

PLAY & COLLECT is a hybrid solution that collects client identity and sentiment at a decisive moment: when they are doing business with you.

Build your local CRM with new contacts and get a real sense of customer satisfaction

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The system provided quickly repeat business as well as 63% increase of Average Order Value (AOV). The Return on Investment (ROI) was less than a few days

Robert Van Hoose

CEO Big Sandy Superstore

QR Code for Products

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When your products are distributed by a third-party or dealer, the connection to the consumer is often lost.

QR CODE FOR PRODUCTS allows you to create and maintain a relationship with your consumers once they purchase your product.

Get in touch with people who buy from you like never before.

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AI-Driven Response Manager

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Although mandatory for a good reputation, responding to customer reviews is time-consuming as well as challenging with respect to brand consistency.

RESPONSE MANAGER algorithms analyze sentiments in customer feedback and create a response according to the context of the review and your brand-specific guidelines.

Never again miss the opportunity to talk to your customer base through reviews.

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The suggested answers to customer reviews genuinely look human-made and help me save hours of manual typing each month.

Romane Blandin

Marketing Project Manager Medor et Compagnie

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