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Benchmark local marketing metrics with improved insight from both your organization and any competitors

Competition Radar

Competition radar product

Discovering which local competitors are outperforming you and visualizing your network’s health in the blink of an eye is paramount.

RADAR lets you see what matters, on a map.

Improve your business by understanding what happens locally.

Competition radar product

Having all my dealers and their competitors on a map helped me adapt my marketing efforts locally and efficently.

Alison Whitaker

Marketing Communications Manager Aixam-Mega

Local Analytics

GTR Insight demo

When you manage a large network, getting a proper sense of what happens in each of your locations is a tedious task.

Sorting, filtering, and aggregating is even harder and is often a manual task.

LOCAL INSIGHTS gets the data you need from your network, already prepared and personalized.

GTR Insight demo

The analytics were on point. We appreciated the global KPI's thay we usually had to compute manually.

Benjamin Munoz

Sales Operations Manager Danisports

Actionable Reporting

GTR report demo

Local teams are often overwhelmed or left behind when it comes to corporate digital marketing strategy.

ACTIONABLE REPORTING sends periodic reports on local digital performance to you and your location managers.

Get everything you and your team need to know, when you need to know it, in your inbox.

GTR report demo

Sending monthly reports to each of our local managers turned out to be the best way to involve them in our global reputation campaign.

Romane Blandin

Marketing Project Manager Medor et Compagnie

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