"Here’s the rest of my post on brands that are missing their lead generation, a story lived with Alpine who could have sold me a car (I was hot!) but completely missed the boat…

It starts on Facebook where the algo does its job well by targeting me as a fan of rolling toys… Well seen and I see a tempting offer from Alpine for a home trial and an attractive leasing.. It’s (really) not often but here I click on the ad and fill out the form. I commit!

First observation, not brilliant at the UX level, and especially, too many fields requested. Major source of abandonment.

In short, I fill out my (long) form and…. I wait… 1 day, 3 days, 7 days… Nothing… After 8 days I put myself in troll mode..   5 more days.. Still nothing.. Suffice to say that momentum took a serious blow there! But surprise, after 15 days of phone call, an unfortunate convict of call plateau, who explains to me that he works for Alpine and who starts to ask me ALL the questions of qualification :-(

I finally she tries me this Alpine so I play the game and the guy tells me that a salesman of the dealership reminds me very soon! Usefulness of this step? I still wonder.

Here we go for a little wait. And after another 8 days, another phone call (well it’s been 3 weeks, potentially I already bought another crate) from a guy who tells me that he wants to organize my test, there is still not the concession that calls me huh! He’s another guy who wants to re-qualify me! And above all, he’s starting to re-ask me the same questions. Here I am clearly going from the desire to buy them a car to the desire to throw them!

Still, we finish the conversation and he tells me, someone from the dealership is gonna call you to make an appointment for a trial. 

Well, believe it or not, but to this day, I’m still waiting:-) 

To be noted in addition, during this whole process is tedious, at no time did I receive an email or SMS that would have allowed me to take the lead in the worst case! 

So ladies and gentlemen at Alpine, generating a lead is not all, you have to follow behind! I honestly estimate that at that time you would have had a 30 to 50% chance to sell me the car, yet you completely missed it! 
With my job and my company, losing leads like that I find it unbearable, I hurt for you! Especially as I find them really sublime your cars.  Call me we will arrange :-)
Next week I tell you how Ferrari crashes too! Follow me or follow the GTRsuite page, I’ll mail it in a few days!"

@papochon via LinkedIn