" The life of a «founder», especially in the first years of his company, usually revolves around two big pillars: THE PRODUCT and THE SALES. For the product it happens with the team, for the sales you have to go hunting…. Often the hunt is empty on empty, but sometimes, it’s just beautiful happenings!

On holiday this summer in my favorite resort Valmorel I find in a store a mountain jacket of a brand I did not know, Aulp, which immediately catches my attention: perfect style between traditional and modern, beautiful materials that exude quality, a superb logo «Chamois» medallist-enameled and especially a price positioning that makes me not even hesitate! I get one… And the next day I even go back to the shop to buy two more to offer!
I go back to the office a week later and I tell the team, guys, find me who’s behind this brand, we have to work with them!

That’s how I met Nicolas Simond and discovered AMATEIS. Thank you so much, Nicolas, for taking your phone call and giving me the opportunity to come and meet you. Nicolas is part of the family, because if there is a real notion of a family box it is at AMATEIS! Dad, mom, son, daughter, uncle… Everyone is there to run the shop, and it’s a beautiful shop! On the menu are iconic brands like Degré7 and Duvillard, innovation with Aulp and VertigoAlpes, ambitions, collections that focus on respect for the environment, mountain values, local! All the things we love!

So here we are, today we are super proud to support AMATEIS and their beautiful brands in their challenges around the collection of DATA, the knowledge of their customers, the activation of cleaner and more personalized communications. Personally, I am also delighted to collaborate with Nicolas Simond, with whom the first exchanges lead me to believe that we should be able to build a good business relationship, based on common values. Thank you Nicolas, thank you AMATEIS for giving us the chance to contribute to the success of your brands! "

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