"Spending thousands of euros to acquire qualified lead and doing nothing about it is how companies like Ferrari and Alpine burn budgets and miss out on opportunities…   Lived history 👇

No bashing/shaming here, I am an absolute fan of these 2 brands and potential customer. As an entrepreneur specializing in lead gen and lead management, I am still amazed to see how beautiful brands like this can stand by the plate!

Capturing a lead with online advertising is easy (thanks algos and retargeting) and it brings a lot of money to agencies and GAFA, after, qualify, route and convert this lead is another matter.

Stories I will tell you in posts to follow with 2 brands icons and premium → Alpine and Ferrari, who caught my attention and even my contact information with targeted ads but then completely missed the funnel. I was clearly in intention to buy → I returned SUSPECT, I passed PROSPECT, and I came out DISAPPOINTED!!  

In both cases there was potentially a sale at the key (good for the Féfé I was still going to have to go through the validation box of the central government of the house!) but frankly for Alpine, I estimated at 70% my ability to decide positively. Yet in both cases it has gone to the trap simply because the MANAGEMENT of the LEAD was not done correctly. I filled in the form(s), I gave my valuable info, I declared my intention, and I was simply NEVER called back! It’s not like I want to buy three golf balls. I tell you this in 2 posts to follow, but in the meantime, if you too have had problems of this kind, with brands that caught you but that did not guarantee behind, go ahead, throw the names in comments it always feels good :-)"

@papochon via LinkedIn